BND Pool Renovations

Pool Repair and Renovation

Along with your family, your home, and your automobiles, your pool represents one of your largest investments, which must be protected if you are to enjoy its numerous pleasures and rewards.

Your plaster and equipment need regular attention to keep them in top condition. Don’t let a small repair turn into a major project. At the first sign of trouble consult a professional. A call now can save you time, money and aggravation.

Pool Plaster…

Is your plaster popping up, pitted, flaking, cracking, worn or stained? You may need an acid wash or re-plastering. No matter what your pool’s condition, BND Plastering can make it look like new again.

BND Plastering stands for high quality workmanship and we have the awards and recognition to prove it. We take pride in being selected to complete some of the most expensive and largest swimming pool projects in Nevada.
We can give you peace of mind and protect your investment.

Preparation for Replastering Swimming Pools

There are procedures that must be done to all pools prior to preparation for replastering.
1.) Obtain permits if required.

2.) Take all necessary action to turn off all power to pool equipment, water features, lights and auto water fills.

3.) Drain pool in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

4. ) BEWARE: Care should be taken in areas with high water tables and appropriate actions taken to prevent flotation of the pool shell.

5.) If the existing tile is to remain, under cut below water line tile, around all fittings, wall steps and lights as appropriate to ensure a flush fittings for the new pool surface.

Methods of Replastering

There are different methods of preparing a pool for replastering. Your pool plastering professional will recommend the most appropriate surface preparation for your pool. It is most important to get the roughest, sound base possible to ensure bonding of the new plaster coat. Listed below are the commonly available methods:

Stripping:This method materially removes the old plaster down to the gunite. Plastering to the gunite shell guarantees a Permanent bond. BND uses this method.

Sandblasting or Hydro Blasting & Brown Coat:This method removes dirt, minerals and loose plaster. The substrate is chemically etched, if necessary, and cleaned prior to applying brown coat which is designed to enhance bonding capability.

Sandblasting or Hydro Blasting & Glue:This method removes dirt, minerals and loose plaster. The substrate is chemically etched, if necessary, and cleaned. A special glue designed for this purpose is added to the plaster mix.

New Pool Construction

By teaming up with BND Plastering, we can help with the Finishing look of your pool to make your vision a reality.

We can help coordinate some of the many plaster materials available to go with tile and deck colors.