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There are two types of surfacing to choose when making decisions about your pool. Plaster products give your pool the look and feel you want, and tile provides an accent of interest. Particulary for backyard pools, the color and texture of the plaster and additives set the mood for your outdoor space.

BND Pool Renovations is certified to install Wet Edge® Finishes as well as Island Pebble Beach, Island Quartz, and colored plaster. We ensure you get quality work that lasts for years.

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Wet Edge® Finishes

Wet Edge® uses the highest quality materials and has improved formulas to extend the lifespan of their pool finishes. Fade resistant dyes, fortified cement, and stones Wet Edge® sourcees and processes themselves offer greater durability, lasting beauty and long term value.

BND Pool Renovations is trained to install the following Wet Edge® finishes:

  • Prism Matrix - The Prism Matrix™ is a blend of smaller pebbles that are well known for their roundness.
  • Primera Stone - Primera Stone is an ultra premium pool finish offering the natural look of a pebble finish and the smoothness of a polished finish.
  • Satin Matrix - The combination of small pebbles, high quality pigments and the Pebble Edge® Admixture are blended to stringent specifications for a long lasting pool finish.
  • Pearl Matrix - Pearl Matrix® is developed by combining slightly larger vibrant, naturally colored stones into one of many stunning color combinations.
Wet Edge® pool finishes resist fading from sun and chemicals.

Pool Finishes

Island Quartz Teal Green